Radio Oriente


Ramón, a submissive radio station employee, discovers that his father died because of his evil boss Rafael, who must hand over the radio to a dark oriental group, with whom he will then make a BIG business.
With the support of his ingenious partner Félix, he takes over the radio and faces Rafael in an arm wrestling match broadcasted to the entire subjugated town. Finally, Ramón is on his way to prison, when a secret plan, conceived by the listeners, is revealed altering everyone’s future and exposing the enigmas that came up during the rebellion.


Genre: Fiction – Unconventional, naive comedy
Rated: G
Duration: 97 minutes
Produced by Vista Sur SRL |
Distributed by APIMA


Félix: Gonzalo Urtizberea

Rafael: Marcelo Chirinos

Ramón: Nicolás Espinosa

Nina: Violeta Urtizberea

Traductor: Mex Urtizberea

Elsa: Ximena Banús

Tulio: Martin Policastro

Cantoni: Juan Isola

Sandra: Camila Romagnolo

Lucy: Denis Groesman


Director: Álvaro Urtizberea

Co director: David Bisbano

Writers: Álvaro Urtizberea / Nicolás Espinosa

Assistant Director: Maitena Minella

Producer: Álvaro Urtizberea

Co producer: Felipe Urtizberea

Production director: María Paz Scafú

Production Managers: Felipe Urtizberea / Diego Lublinsky

Cinematographer: Mauricio Heredia

Art directors: David Bisbano / Álvaro Urtizberea

Hair and makeup: Marcelo Iudice

Costume designer: Cristina Tavano

Sound director: Martín García Blaya

Music: Panchi Quesada

Acting coach: Camila Romagnolo

Editors: David Bisbano / Álvaro Urtizberea

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