The way in which the territory is inhabited by the indigenous cultures of the Gran Chaco generates community movements close to the forest and the river, sources of life. The government is planning a new territorial order with popular houses and the displacement of wichí families to the new urban periphery.
Ana is the architect in charge of the project. Valentino is the chief of his community and with his grandson Leonel they will try to mediate what they consider to be a new cultural outrage.




Original Title Husek

Countries Argentina

Production Companies Vista Sur Films | Maravilla Cine

Genre Drama

Cast Verónica Gerez / Juan Rivero / Leonel Gutierrez / Carla Crespo

Director Daniela Seggiaro

Duration 90 min.


Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata – Competencia En Tránsito (Argentina, 2021)

Mención Especial Premio Internacional Georges De Beauregard – Festival International de Cinéma de Marseille (Francia, 2021)

Rencontres Toulouse – Cine en construcción  (Francia, 2021)

La mujer y el Cine – WIP (Argentina, 2021)

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