After experiencing a tragedy at sea, Pablo (Hugo Silva) and his daughter Lidia (Zoé Arnao) take refuge in a family lighthouse to cope with their grief. But from the moment they arrive, the girl is plagued by tormenting nightmares. Gradually, the relationship with her father deteriorates to the point where they no longer know what is real. It is then that father and daughter must learn to trust each other before it is too late.


“Faro is an intimate horror story with a feminine perspective. It is a film about the fear of loss, about how feelings become entrenched, and about the guilt that torments us. The film allowed me to use horror techniques to tell a family drama about depression after losing a loved one and about very human fears such as being a bad daughter or not overcoming trauma.”

Ángeles Hernández, director



Original Title Faro

Countires Argentina | España

Production Companies Vista Sur Films | Mr. Miyagi

Genre Terror | Drama

Cast Hugo Silva, Zoé Arnao, Sergio Castellanos, Irene Montalà, Noea Balbo

Director Ángeles Hernández

Duration 98 min.

Premiers in Argentina on 06/06/2024

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