Adolfo (55), a famous story writer, decides to write his first novel and makes his daughter Dalia (6) the gift of allowing her to include a character in the story. She picks a goat, like her fuzzy toy.

After her father’s death, Dalia (15) is kidnapped by the characters in her father’s story. Through a portal, they make her a part of the unfinished novel’s plot: The Red book. While she struggles to find a way out and helped by the goat, Dalia must come face to face with the characters in the story, which will do anything to become the main characters of the book. She is the only one capable of writing the final chapter though she doesn’t feel confident enough.



Original title Dalia y el Libro Rojo

Countries Argentina | Perú | Brasil | España | Ecuador | Colombia

Production companies Vista Sur Films | Golem Studio | Cine 2 | Matte | Doce | Signos | Felipe Producciones

Genre Adventure|Drama|Fantasy

Technique CGI Characters and Settings in real models

Duration 92 min

Format Digital 4K | Color | DCP

Sale Agent Filmsharks Intl.


Currently in post-production 



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